Excellence in times of change

Financial service providers in Switzerland and elsewhere are facing far-reaching upheavals. Regulations, low interest rates, political insecurity and poor returns due to structural changes in business models are proving challenging for banks, insurance companies and pension funds alike. Innovation and fast-paced technological developments are accelerating these developments yet further. What conditions do the players in the Swiss financial industry need to continue leading the way internationally
in such a challenging environment? How can the financial world of tomorrow offer excellent services? And to whom? What opportunities and challenges will the financial sector encounter over the next few years? The Swiss International Finance Forum 2017 will explore three key points under the motto “Excellence in times of change”:

Monetary policy: what are the possible scenarios for moving away from today’s expansive monetary policy? What are the effects on financial markets and the real economy? How will the relationship between monetary and fiscal policy develop? And is the independence of central banks under threat?

Investment crisis: given current political risks, volatility and low interest rates, what options do institutional investors still have to meet their targets? What is preventing timely regulation of asset management?

International competition: what can Switzerland learn from other leading financial centres, like London and Singapore? What effect will Brexit and the US presidential elections have? And what opportunities and risks will they bring for Switzerland? How global can the financial centres of small countries really be?

Proven experts from Switzerland and abroad will address these and related issues from various perspectives and discuss solutions. There will also be plenty of opportunities for cross-sectoral networking and face-to-face talks in an exclusive setting.

Programme brochure SIFF 2017


Date: June 20th 2017

Participation fee: CHF 890.–
incl. all food and drinks

Event venue:
Hotel Bellevue Palace Bern

Excellence in times of chance

Language: German/English  (simultaneous translation)


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