Together with its partners, the “Neue Zürcher Zeitung NZZ” has established a leading international platform for the financial and capital market in the guise of the Swiss International Finance Forum. In doing so, the NZZ aims to actively accompany the change in the Swiss financial centre and strengthen it in the long run.

In the coming three years, the Swiss International Finance Forum aims to become the leading platform for the Swiss financial centre with an international scope. The event brings together decision-makers from the financial sector and the fields of economics and politics as well as representatives of different authorities and institutions. The Swiss International Finance Forum pursues a medium-term, outcome-oriented strategy for strengthening the Swiss financial centre.

This high-level event including keynote-speeches, workshops and podium discussions distinguishes itself through a high level of quality, an outstanding programme and fascinating speakers from both Switzerland and abroad. New trends, developments and opportunities in the fields of banking, finance and the capital market will be explored, discussed and analysed. Furthermore, interdisciplinary projects will be initiated and specific ideas for solutions to a range of issues will be outlined.

The quality of the participants makes the SIFF one of the leading events in the globally networked financial sector.


As a neutral platform, the SIFF brings together the Swiss financial centre, politicians, supervisory authorities and scientists to enjoy an active dialogue and share their opinions. Targeted networking will strengthen the Swiss financial centre in the long run. The newly designed conference will create an interdisciplinary platform via which proactive solutions to future economic and regulatory issues will be developed and discussed.

The SIFF deals with the strategy and orientation of the Swiss financial centre while initiating and coordinating common efforts with all major stakeholders with the aim of strengthening the competitiveness of the financial centre in the long run. As a neutral platform, the SIFF brings together leading decision-makers from the financial sector and the fields of economics, politics, administration and science, thereby strengthening the public perception and image of the Swiss financial centre.

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