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Tobias Straumann

Economic Historian, University of Zurich

Prof. Dr. Tobias Straumann is an economic historian and lectures at the University of Zurich. He studied history in Bielefeld, Paris and Zurich and received his doctorate with a thesis on the emergence of industrial research in the 19th century. After five years as economic journalist, he habilitated with a study on the monetary policy of small European states in the 20th century. Tobias Straumann was senior assistant at the University of Lausanne and spent guest semesters at the University of California in Berkeley, the Chinese University of Hong Kong and the University of Oxford. His research areas are: Industrialization and technological change, financial history and economic policy.

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11.45 a.m.


Possible Actions and Scenarios for Switzerland

Economist Cornelia Meyer and economic historian Tobias Straumann form the NZZ SIFF panel debating Switzerland’s future role and potential directions it could take going forward in respect to its relationship with Europe. Meyer stresses the importance of framework agreements for Switzerland as a small country and believes that Switzerland has been punching above its weight class due to its financial relevance and neutrality. Straumann, on the other hand, views the bilateral agreements as important, but doubts their domestic political viability. As opposed to institutional framework conditions, Straumann sees an advantage in smaller European organizations, while Meyer stresses the importance of the cooperation of the E3, namely England, France and Germany, for looking after Europe’s international interests. While stressing that Europe will have to pick a side, Straumann doubts that China will be able to assume the role once held by the USA on an international scale due to incompatible social models.